Clearwater Hill

Short Summer Walks

Distance: 1-2 miles

Elevation gain: mostly flat

Trail type: Hiking, 4-wheeling

Considerations: Walkable year round

Immediately behind downtown Delta, there’s a little known trail network on undeveloped land owned by the University of Alaska.  Most of these trails just wind seemingly aimlessly through the woods, and will be discussed in more detail in other sections of this guide.  The highpoint of the area however, marked on the old USGS maps as “Clearwater,” is bare of trees and offers an excellent view over forest, mountains, and the scattered houses of the Delta hinterlands.

Though this trail system has several access points, the best way to get here in summer is to take Nistler Road for about 2.5 miles from the center of town, take a left on Mil-Tan Road, and in a mile, take another left on Remington.  After a straight half mile or so, the gravel road takes a right.  If you’re in a low clearance vehicle, it’s probably best to park here, out of the way.  With a bit of clearance, and in dry weather, you can drive another half mile or so down the dirt road, along the edge of a field and into the woods.  Park where a trail crosses the road.  Just beyond here is a wet area that no highway vehicles should attempt.  Continue on foot for a half mile or a little less and take a trail leading uphill to the right, which leads to the top of Clearwater Hill.  Ignoring this turn, the main trail will take you quickly to a bluff, open enough to have another view of the mountains.


ATV Trails

Distance: Variable
Considerations: None

While the short hike to the top of Clearwater Hill, described previously, is fun even on foot, there are several miles of other trails in the area which are mostly dry, often winding and hilly, and a lot of fun to ride.  

There are several ways to access these trails.  The access from Remington Road is described above, but you can also come in from the health clinic, from Jack Warren Road, from the Ice Rink, or from the Alaska Highway, just across from the State Troopers office.  I won’t go to great lengths describing the trial system since most of the fun here is exploration, and since it’s bounded by development on all sides, you can’t get too lost.  There are about 5 miles of trails to ride, closer to 10 if you include the pipeline and powerline corridors.



Distance: About 2 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 100-200 feet

Trail Type: Snowshoeing, snowmachining

Considerations: Trail sees a lot of traffic in winter

Parking for this hike can be a bit of an issue, but there is usually a plowed spot for one vehicle where Remington/Veltoby Road takes a sharp right turn.  From here, a round trip to Clearwater Hill is about two miles.  All the trails in this area are generally well packed by snowmachines.  Sometimes snowshoes are not even necessary.

Clearwater Hill

Clearwater Hill