Clearwater River

Short Winter Walks

Distance: ¾ mile
Elevation Gain: minimal
Trail Type: Snowshoeing
Considerations: Narrow trail, with some difficult footing

Again, the Clearwater River State Campground bustles with activity during the summer, with both local residents and out of town visitors boating, fishing, and just enjoying themselves. But when the fish runs dry up and snow starts to fall, the place becomes just about deserted. This is unfortunate since walking the banks of the Clearwater is very enjoyable in winter. The slow, clear stream, lined by groves of large spruce is an iconic interior landscape any time of year, and the fact that the river doesn’t freeze is a novelty, as it sends up clouds of fog in cold weather, coating the trees thickly with frost. This quality also makes the river a haven for migrating wildlife in early spring.

From Delta, take Nistler Road to the junction with Clearwater Road, and take a left. Soon, take a right onto Remington Road and follow it to its end at Clearwater State Campground. The campground road itself usually isn’t plowed, though some years it remains packed down from use. There is usually a spot to pull off however just down the road, in front of the Clearwater Lodge. The walk is basically a series of social trails along the river, roughly from the Clearwater Lodge property to a grove of large trees around an open area, just west of the boat launch. Be careful to avoid walking on ice here on the edges of the clearwater, since it’s often thin.

Clearwater River