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    20-120 FWA TA 207 Maintenance and Repair - Request for Proposal - No Site Showing

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    100-1.01 DESCRIPTION
    In general, the Work under this Contract includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following
    major items as specified in these documents and as shown on the Project Map. The following
    descriptions are provided as an outline of major work items and shall not be construed as an
    inclusive or complete listing of all Items of Work under this Contract.
    The Clear Creek Assault Strip was once a heavily used Training Area (TA). It had an extensive
    system of trails and bivouac areas. Now those areas are overgrown. This project will clear 8
    miles of those trails to a width of 24’ and clear two previously cleared bivouac areas. Total
    clearing area is approximately 46.25 acres.
    Project Completion Date: Thursday, April 1, 2021 This project will need to be completed prior
    to spring thawing of the winter access trail. April 1st is a projected date, but the actual date may
    be earlier or later. It will be the Contractor’s responsibility to adjust their schedule as necessary
    and potentially accelerate their schedule should spring arrive earlier than the April 1st projected
    date. Any and all costs for acceleration will be the Contractor’s responsibility, not reimbursable
    by the SDWCD or the Army.
    Project Access: The Contractor shall be responsible for complying with all regulations for
    working on Fort Wainwright, per Section 640. This project has the potential to discover an
    Unexploded Ordinance, see Section 107-1.21.
    100-1.02 PROPOSAL DATES
    Acceptance Dates:
    Proposals will be accepted starting on Wednesday, January 06, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. Proposals
    received before this time will be returned to the sender and marked “non-responsive.”
    Proposals must be received by Thursday, January 07, 2021 at 10:00 am. Proposals received
    after this time will be returned to the sender and marked “non-responsive.”
    E-mail to: [email protected] Please call (907) 895-6279 to confirm receipt of email.
    Contract Award:
    Notice to Proceed will be given after approval from USRAK Range Control/ITAM in regard to site
    access and permitting.
    Questions and Addendum:
    All questions regarding this RFP must be submitted via email only [email protected]
    and received by:
    Wednesday, January 06, 2021 @ 10:00 am
    All submitted questions will be answered through an Addendum released via email and at on the following dates:
    Addendum 1: Monday, January 04, 2021
    Addendum 2: Wednesday, January 06, 2021
    It is the contractor’s responsibility to check for Addendum prior to submitting a proposal
    Submitted Proposal must be completely filled out, signed and include the company’s name and
    contact information. In addition, proposal must be initialed at each Addendum item confirming
    receipt and acceptance.
    A Proposal Guaranty is required. See Section 102-1.07.
    A Performance and Payment Bond is required. See Section 103-1.05.
    A copy of the appropriate contractor’s license and proof of required insurance must be on file with
    the Salcha-Delta SWCD before contract will be awarded.
    Required Insurance – See Section 103-1.06.
    In addition, the proposal must include the following information:
    Total Proposal Price:
    The Total Proposal Price must cover all costs necessary to complete the job and fulfill the
    contractual responsibilities as stated in this Request for Proposal. Total Proposal Price is not
    limited to itemized prices called out in the Proposal Sheet. It is to include, but is not limited to,
    equipment costs, fuel and maintenance expenses, operator’s wages, transportation of
    equipment to and from the site, set up costs, insurance, and potential road damage repair.
    • It may take up to 45 days after acceptance of contractor’s invoice by the SDSWCD before
    funds are received and payment can be made by the SDSWCD.
    • Must comply with appropriate OSHA regulations.
    • The SDSWCD reserves the right to refuse any and all proposals.
    • Depending on funding, there is a potential for increased effort to be awarded under this
    contract; increases will be awarded at our discretion and without re-offering.
    • Pay employees using most recent Davis-Bacon wage determination and provide certified
    payroll weekly to Salcha-Delta SWCD. This does not need to be submitted to the