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    Addendum #2: PTM-10019-7J FWA Range Road Repair

    All day
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    Request for Proposal: 19-106 TA 310 Artillery FP Reconfiguration

    All day
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    Site Showing: 19-106 TA 310 Artillery FP Reconfiguration

    10:00 AM-12:00 PM

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    Release Date:  June 4, 2020

    Project Name: TA310 Artillery Firing Point Reconfiguration

    SOW #:  19-106

    Location:   Yukon Training Area, Salcha, AK

     Meet at Firebird Assault Strip, Johnson Road, Yukon Training Area. Attached is a pdf map of the Site Showing meeting location.

     Items of Work:

    Approximately 9 acres of cleared area will be shaped and sloped for the reconfiguration of an artillery firing point pad. Estimated cut/fill 6500 CU.YD.

    Construct approximately 1500 feet by 32’ wide tail embankment , cap 6” lift of 3” minus aggregate, crowned 4%, and side slopes and ditches established to no greater than 2:1.

    Project completed and ready for use by August 28, 2020.

    Site Showing Date:   Wednesday, June 10, 2020     Time:  10:00 am

    Project plans, specifications, maps and proposal requirements will be available at the Site Showing.  Questions and answers resulting from the Site Showing will be available at the SWCD Contractor’s Portal:

    Requirements:  Contractor must be licensed and insured and offer proof prior to award.

    Contact:  Michael Phelan, Project Manager: [email protected]

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    Addendum #1: 19-106 TA 310 Artillery FP Reconfiguration

    All day
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    Addendum #2: 19-106 TA 310 Artillery FP Reconfiguration

    All day