Greely Bluff

Short Winter Walks

Distance: 1 mile round trip

Elevation Gain: None

Trail Type: Snowshoeing

For the most part, Delta is a flat, flat place.  For those of us addicted to landscape variety, looking out across the treetops to the high peaks of the Alaska Range, past the vast wilderness in between, is a welcome break from the flatness.  For most folks, just stopping at the state maintained overlook along the highway is enough of a diversion, but a trail leads south through upland spruce and aspen woods, past other minor viewpoints, to a second road accessible overlook maintained by the army.  Beyond that, the open woods along the bluff remain walkable for some distance, paralleling the highway.  Personally, I’ve found this particular walk to be very useful as a lunch break diversion on work days.  Breathing some fresh air and seeing a beautiful sight makes staring at a computer for the rest of the day far more tolerable.  Anyone who drives out to Greely on a regular basis is aware this area is very susceptible to the bitterly cold wind that blows out of the east in winter.  Indeed, the wind rocking your car when you pull off the highway can make motivation difficult.  Once out of the parking area and into the trees though, the wind drops dramatically, and the walk is pleasant on all but the worst days.

From Delta, drive south a little over three miles to the well signed state rest area with an outhouse, on the right.  From the south end of the lookout, there are two apparent trails.  Take the one closer to the bluff.  The trail fades, but it’s easy to pick your way on moose trails near the edge of the bluff.  Usually, I just walk the quarter mile to the army overlook and back, but it’s easy enough to walk further.

Clearwater Hill