J Fowler Trails

ATV Trails

Distance: Variable

Considerations: There may be fallen trees over the trail

If you’re simply looking for a fun, hilly area fairly close to town, to ride your 4-wheeler, dirt bike, or mountain bike, then the J Fowler Trails may be the ticket.  These old logging roads don’t really lead anywhere, but provide several miles of good dry, hilly riding through pleasant forest.

From Delta, drive 22.8 miles north on the Richardson Highway (between milepost 289 and 290) and park at the large pullout on the right.  The trailhead is obvious at the back of the pullout.  The trail branches several times, and since the distances are fairly short, I won’t describe each of the trails.  It’s simply a good area for wandering around in the woods. 

For the most part, the trails are dry, though there are a couple boggy sections to either avoid or enjoy.

Tenderfoot Trails