Rika’s Roadhouse

Short Winter Walks


Distance: ¾ mile

Elevation Gain: none

Trail Type: Snowshoeing

Considerations: Severe erosion occurring as of winter 2017

Although a popular spot with visitors in the summer, the state park at Rika’s roadhouse is little visited in the winter months.  The combination of the atmospheric historical buildings with the Tanana River, the bluff, pipeline suspension bridge, and low rolling mountains in the distance make for an excellent place to briefly get outside in winter.  Over-wintering ducks are common here on this stretch of the Tanana which remains unfrozen throughout the winter. Various birds of prey can often be seen gliding on thermals above the bluff in early winter, looking for the late salmon runs.  

Drive north from Delta on the Richardson Highway and turn right at the Rika’s Roadhouse sign just before the Tanana River Bridge.  Drive past the main entrance and turn left into the state park pullout where the RV dump station is located.  Winter parking is usually better here.  The walk heads both east and west along the Tanana.  Round trip distance is a half mile total, or a little more.

Rika's Roadhouse

Big Delta Bluff