Tenderfoot Trails

ATV Trails

Distance: 22.4 miles round trip to Buck Dome
Considerations: Mostly good quality, solid trail

This large trail system winds through miles of hilly boreal forest, past some old mining sites, across a couple creeks, eventually to the top of Buck Dome, which pops up just above the treeline, with wide ranging views over the region.  

There’s probably not enough scenic variety here to be enjoyable for hikers, but these trails make for a really fun outing on a 4-wheeler, dirt bike, or probably even a mountain bike.  Aside from the creek crossings, there are remarkably few wet spots on this trail.

From Delta, drive 25 miles north on the Richardson Highway, to the top of Tenderfoot Hill, and park in the wide area on the south side of the highway.  Cross the road and ride the well established trail through the woods.  There’s an old mining area at mile two, a crossing of Buckeye Creek at mile 2.8, a crossing of Banner Creek at mile 4.3, and more old mining areas at mile 5.7 and 6.0.  At mile 9, the trail breaks out of the trees, and at 10.7, reaches the summit of Buck Dome.  There are several side trails along the way and it’s probably a good idea to have a close look at Google Earth before heading out.

Tenderfoot Trails